For SageSpot's launch video, SN&DDY embraced the challenge of redefining the book club experience for a broader, more diverse audience. Our mission was to shatter the conventional book club stereotype and showcase SageSpot as the ultimate content club destination, where celebrities and creators bring communities together over shared passions, from sports to cooking, and sci-fi to horror. Crafted entirely with 100% motion graphics, we introduced SageSpot’s new logo to the world with a dynamic page flip motif, seamlessly integrating it and the core brand theme into the fabric of our video, ensuring every moment resonated with the spirit of storytelling and community. Though SageSpot’s strategic direction evolved post-launch, leading to a shift away from the initial video, our work remains a testament to SN&DDY’s ability to capture and convey the essence of a brand’s vision—crafting content that’s as engaging and entertaining as the stories shared within the SageSpot community. Our creative execution not only introduced a new logo but also immortalized the original ethos of SageSpot, marking a significant chapter in its journey.

Other Work