For the TPG Awards 2023, SN&DDY teamed up with Uber, LaGuardia Airport (LGA), and The Points Guy to spotlight LGA's top-tier rideshare experience. In the whirlwind of New York's pace, we followed TPG's Nicky Kelvin through LGA's halls, showcasing Uber's seamless service. Our challenge? To capture this collaboration’s essence within a tight event deadline. The video journeyed from Nicky's energetic arrival through the streamlined Uber pick-up process, featuring clear signage and the app's helpful Walking Guide. We navigated the intersection of TPG’s style, Uber’s brand identity, and LGA’s operational intricacies, creating a fast-paced, engaging narrative. This project highlights our knack for blending diverse brand voices into a cohesive story, transforming a routine airport pick-up into a celebration of passenger convenience and satisfaction.

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